Bigg Boss Real Life Couple Participants

Bigg Boss couple lists you down all the real life celebrity couples who participated in the different seasons of Bigg Boss. Although in every season we have seen love blossom and matches made in the Bigg Boss house, it was in Season 3 when for the first time a real life celebrity couple became a part of the show. The trend was followed in the subsequent seasons as well. Here is a list of all the real life celebrity couples who participated in the show –

Bigg Boss Season 3 Couple | Bhaktiyaar – Tanaaz Irani


Being the first ones, Bhaktiyaar and Tanaaz paved way for the couple participation in the reality game show. Known for their great dance moves, the couple were seen strongly supporting each other through thick and thin during Bigg Boss 3. Even though Bhaktiyaar was short-tempered, he managed to last inside the house till the end while his wife Tanaaz got evicted much earlier.


Bigg Boss Season 7 Couple | Apurva – Shilpa Agnihotri


After the stint of many ex-couples, in Bigg Boss Season 7, we finally got to see the strong bond of Apurva and Shilpa Agnihotri. Married for over a decade, the couple stood by each other through the hard times in the Bigg Boss house. Apurva sulked over Shilpa’s eviction and soon followed her out.

Bigg Boss Season 9 Couple | Keith Sequeira – Rochelle Rao


Bigg Boss 9 housed two famous celebrity couples. One of them was Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Bigg Boss’s house was where their love was tested through and through but they beat all odds to sustain their relationship. Both of them might have lost out on winning the title but their love-filled finale performance is one you’d want to watch on loop.


Bigg Boss Season 9 Couple | Kishwar Merchant and Suyyash Rai


The other famous celebrity couple of Bigg Boss 9 were Sukish, as famously fan-named. Kishwar Merchant and Suyyash Rai are one of Indian television’s most loved and hottest couples. They’ve often given everyone #TravelGoals and #RelationshipGoals. The strong-headed duo were strong contenders for winning the title but alas fate had different plans. Nevertheless, their participation in the reality show got them much appreciation and only increased their fan-following.

The last ten seasons of Bigg Boss also had some ex-couples like Rahul Mahajan – Dimpy Ganguly and Rajeev Paul – Delnaz Irani. Let’s wait to see what Bigg Boss 11 has in store for us.

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